Thursday, April 26, 2012

Featured CT member - Schnegge

Can you tell a bit about yourself?
I´m Angela, but most knows me as Schnegge. I´m a Fulltime Mom and live alone with 3 Kids in Germany, was married 2 Times and now I´m together with my best Friend, who went through Heaven and Hell with us for the past 9 Years, wouldn´t know what I do without him.

How many years have you been in the tagging world?
I started doing "Tags" about 9 Years ago with PhotoImpact, but without knowing that they called Tags :D Sometime I found a Forum and so I went in a PI Class and learned, there I saw first Time Tutorias, PSP and Poser and was lost in them.

When and how did you discover my work?
Oh, about 4 or 5 Years ago I think. Was Mod in a Copright Complain German Yahoogroup and there I saw a Link to Page with Your Free Tubes.

Which of my drawings do you like working with the most?
I love all, depends on what for a Tag I´m working....but more I love the Gothic, Darker and so.

Do you have a favourite drawing of mine?
Oh good Question, love a lot from You, of Example Lost Dreams, Imperfect Angel, Losing my Halo, Whats Left of Me and more...

What is your favourite tag you have ever created?

Does seasons inspire you when creating tags?
Sometimes, but most my Feelings.

What are your other interests besides tagging?
Of course my Kids and beloved, then reading Books, walking outside when Weather is fine and hearing Music, can´t live without Music.
I love Your Art, there are so much Feelings in it and often it really is like I would see my own in the Pics (ok, i never would look so good, but often it is so that the Pics really bring the "bang" effect to me and I have the Feeling You looked in my Soul / Heart)
You are a great Artist and a lovely and wonderful Person and I´m so Happy to "know" You.

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