Sunday, April 1, 2012

Featured CT member - Sonya Free

I thought it would be great to get up close and personal with my wonderful Creativ Team.
First up is Sonya Free.

Can you tell a bit about yourself?
Sure. I'm Sonya or as most know me by in the psp world "Devious". I'm 42, single, no children and live in Louisiana. I've got 2 furfabies, Garfield and Mystery, they are my children. I've been a paralegal going on 22 years now and absolutely love everything about the law.
How many years have you been in the tagging world?
Going on 8 yrs now.
When and how did you discover my work?
I discovered your work when you were with MPT right before you ventured out on your own.
Which of my drawings do you like working with the most?
This is hard to answer because I absolutely love all of your work. I do love the gothic tubes, angels and fairies.
Do you have a favourite drawing of mine?
My most favorite would have to be Unforgivable Sinner and An Angel Too Soon

What is your favourite tag you have ever created
It would have to be the one with An Angel Too Soon....this tube just spoke to me and watching the videos on the tragedy of this young girl's life just brought me to tears...
Does seasons inspire you when creating tags?
They can inspire me...I really love fall/autumn and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so I really love and enjoy making tags during this time of the year.
What are your other interests besides tagging?
I love to read (when I have the time lol), I sing (have been since I was 2 yrs old), and I write poetry (I'm a published poet).

If there is anything you would like to add in the end feel free to do so :)
I love being on your CT. You truly inspire me and you've got such a sweet tender heart. I love that you do tubes for charity and what is in your heart. You can really feel the emotions in your work. You've become such a sweet friend and I wouldn't trade this for nothing. I'm extremely honored to be on your CT. Thanks so much for all that you do. xoxo

You can see more of Sonya's work here:
Sonyas Blog



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