Sunday, July 15, 2012

Featured Guest CT member - Beth-Ann

Can you tell a bit about yourself?
My name is Beth-Ann I live alone with my 2 cats, I just moved in April
How many years have you been in the tagging world? I started in May 2008 and learnd making Incredimail Stats and learned to make tags from doing that.

When and how did you discover my work?
In various groups and forums.

Which of my drawings do you like working with the most?
I love them all but mostly Portraits i like the simple sometimes that is the best.
 and its been a hectic 2 months and im glad for some serious down time, I live in Massachusetts for now but most likely will be moving to Iowa in the next year or 2.

Do you have a favourite drawing of mine?
It's so hard to choose but  I love your cat tubes im a huge cat lover.

What is your favourite tag you have ever created?

Does seasons inspire you when creating tags?
Oh yes I love Fall and Winter

What are your other interests besides tagging?
I love to cook and read, I'm a movie nut
And a serious Twilight addict and love music you cant live without music.

If there is anything you would like to add in the end feel free to do so :)
Your art is among my all time favorites there is so much passion and thought that you put into your art, I love that its not as adult as some out there and its just soft and you make it easy to tag.



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