Thursday, August 16, 2012

Featured Guest CT Sarah Fiack

Can you tell a bit about yourself?
I'm a SAHM to 3 kids. We live near the coast in California. I have always loved artwork. While I don't have the talent of some, I love interacting and working with and around artists.  I've been writing tutorials for several years also. I love to challenge myself & see what I can create that features the artwork well.

How many years have you been in the tagging world?
Oh wow I'd say 10 years give or take. Wow has it really been that long - lots of changes have taken place.

When and how did you discover my work?
Ohhh when you sold at MPT several years ago. I love how you bring people & animals to life in your artwork.

Which of my drawings do you like working with the most?
That's really hard to choose. I love Gothic. Gothic art speaks to me -it always has. Yet at the same time I love the angels and fairies that you do also.Looking at my tubes of yours, I have such a mix of categories. I can't choose just one.

Do you have a favorite drawing of mine?
I have a few different ones. I love One & Lost Footsteps. The beach means a lot to my family and I. On a personal level, I love the two You Broke it & Paint My Heart. We had a rough first half of the year with family passing, & those two have spoken volumes to me. It was really hard to cope with the deaths we had.

What is your favorite tag you have ever created?
I have about three. I couldn't decide which one I loved more. My Angel whispers tag, Flowers in her hair tag and Fragile wings. I love how both turned out and they showcase your art really well I think.
Does seasons inspire you when creating tags?
I think so. I really love fall and Halloween tags. That is my favorite time of year so I love doing tags for it. Spring can be so pretty with nature coming back to life after winter. In winter I love doing snow tags. I don't get snow in my part of world so I visit it on the tags.

What are your other interests besides tagging?
I love taking photographs - esp of nature. Also love baking & cooking. My older two kids love to help in the kitchen so that is always great. I have also started doing some scrapbooking of the family trips we have done. That is fun to relive the memories we are making together.

If there is anything you would like to add in the end feel free to do so :)
I think getting to know the artist behind the artwork helps give myself & I'm sure others
a deeper appreciation and love for the artwork. The tagging community is very fortunate that
artists such as yourself are part of it.

See more of Sarah's beautiful work here:


nanacindy said...

What a great idea, doing an interview on Sarah. Something she didn't say is she is an amazing and very generous person. She will do anything she is asked to do. She is also very talented herself.


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